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Future History: Complete history of the future from 2006 AD to 100 billion AD

You can live in paradise on Earth. How can this be even remotely possible? Isn"t it what every normal human being hopes for? We all have strong internal and sub-consciousness desire to stay healthy, to be forever young and live in peaceful paradise like conditions. We really do not look forward to the conditions of aging, suffering, and death. Does it make any sense at all, that we work so hard all of our life - wanting to acquire the best education, trying to earn a fortune, attempting to build a happy family life - only to eventually lose it all because of aging, sickness and death? That doesn"t seem reasonable, does it? Is there a real purpose to life that makes more sense? Is it universal fate of everything to be born and die? If so there must be a real purpose of achievements we trying to accomplish and a real purpose of the future. What our Earth will look like in 10, 50, 100 or 1,000 years from now? Unfortunately, renowned philosophers, politicians, futurologists and theologians have failed to provide satisfying answers and real solutions to all of the problems that are facing mankind today and will face tomorrow. Unit now. Read this controversial book to understand the true meaning of the future and the life itself.

100 PAGES ILLUSTRATED PERFECT BOUND SOFT COVER BOOK. ISBN NUMBER: 1-4276-0842-3. PLEASE, VISIT http://www.lulu.com/content/432780