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Igor Kryan, MS, MFA

Igor Kryan was born and raised in Kiev, Ukraine. He arrived to the Unites States in 1999 and happily married in 2004 in San Francisco, California. The author graduated with Honors in National Ukrainian Medical University (AA Degree in Health Science - 1999), San Francisco State University (BS degree in Biology - 2003), New York Vernell University (Master of Fine Arts - 2003), Amsterdam Ravenhurst University, Netherlands, (MS degree in Cell and Molecular Science - 2004). He is also a bearer of many awards in art and science.
Igor Kryan, MS started his writing career in 2004 by publishing a short brochure of historical essays called 'Answers.' But the author was already known for his graphic art works and the brochure come unnoticed by the public and only 100 exemplars were ever printed. However, in 2005 Igor Kryan decided to modify his astrobiology research performed for Amsterdam Ravenhurst University, and published 60 pages book called 'The Source.' This book had an overwhelming success - thousands copies were sold and many more are being currently sold across the globe. The current book 'Future History' was printed in 2006 and it is the most complex, challenging and daring work the author have ever created. No one before had ever attempted to design a systematic and chronological work of the major future events with scientific and historical explanations. The true history of the future was finally revealed by one man.

100 PAGES ILLUSTRATED PERFECT BOUND SOFT COVER BOOK. ISBN NUMBER: 1-4276-0842-3. PLEASE, VISIT http://www.lulu.com/content/432780